Established as one of the top events on the Eastern Cape off-road programme, the JBay Wind Farm MTB Classic has become one of the highlights on your MTB calendar.

Since 2013, the folks behind the JBay MTB Classic have worked hard to innovate and improve the routes and rider experience.

The 2017 event featured a radically different route from previous years, including large single track sections. The event was won by Jason Reed from East London after a battle with Stellenboscher, Max Sullivan. With his win, Reed managed to pocket a R10,000 first prize, with a time of 03:20:41. Sullivan managed to complete the route in 03:21:19. Third place was filled by 2016 winner, Ndumiso ‘Maza’ Dontso.

After the race, Reed complimented the route with these words, “It was a great mix of singletrack and jeep track. It was tough, rocky and technical with a lot of corners, braking and accelerating. Definitely suited to ‘real’ mountain bikers.”

Yolande de Villiers defended her 2016 title with a win in 2017, finishing sixth overall in the main event (85km) with a time of 03:34:44 and bagging a R10,000 prize. Anriëtte Schoeman, three time JBay MTB Classic Women’s winner, finished second. Siska van der Bijl came in third.

These big names in the South African MTB scene have become staples ast the JBay MTB Classic, and if things keep going the way they are, we’ll see the race grow from strength to strength.

But the race wasn’t designed for top riders only.

It’s imperative that riders of all fitness and skill levels enjoy the race.

And that seems to be the norm. Feedback from participants seem overwhelmingly positive.

This means that we’re doing our job well.

It also means that you should join us at the lineup.

Each year there are three routes:

  • 25kms
  • 50kms
  • 85kms

All routes traverse the Jbay Wind Farm, from which the race derives its name. Riders get to ride along roads interspersed with wind turbines that stand 80m tall, half a kilometre apart.

The wind farm covers 3,700 hectares and boasts 60 monstrous wind turbines, making it one of the largest wind farms in South Africa.

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