Interview with a DIE HARD!!

Jacques Herselman tells us a little about himself and why he likes the JBay MTB Classic.
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We talk to Jacques Herselman, one of JBay Wind Farm MTB’s most loyal and friendliest riders.

You’ve ridden nearly each event since the inception, right?
Except for missing out on the 2018 event due to being on an Incentive trip overseas with VWSA, I’ve completed all the others. I entered and paid for the 2018 event, and was really looking forward to doing my sixth consecutive event and always riding the longest route on the day. I recall the first event in 2013, being a 90km and starting from Fountains Mall. In 2014 it again started from Fountains Mall and that time Arthur kept the routes around Jeffreys Bay. As far as I remember that long route was 80km. From 2015 it became part of the WinterFest and the start moved down to Kabeljous. The 2016 event was the first one that the Wind Farm came on board – if I remember correctly – but my biggest memory of that race was all the epic single track on that day. I loved every moment of the ride. 2017 was much of the same!

What attracts you to this race year after year?
My attraction to the race is because it is a local event and there is no transport or stay-over cost. I ride from home with my MTB and do the event. It’s in our backyard!

Which distance do you usually ride?
I’m just one of those old hard-headed mountain-bikers that ride the toughest on the day and enjoy every moment out there. I don’t want to call myself old school yet, as I only started riding MTB in January 2012.

What is your favourite part of the route?
My favourite part of the route will always be every bit of single track. That’s where the real MTBing is – you need to stay focused and ride your heart out. I’m not a fan of the open roads, especially long open road climbs. Those I really don’t like!

Any advice for first time riders of the event?
Just go out and ride to have fun.

What do you think of the new venue this year?
I think the new venue is going to be awesome, as it’s going to cut out most of the tar/open road sections, that get used by cars, making it a safer event. It also puts Arthur a little bit closer to some great route options.

Anything you’d like to add?
I’m normally the guy who stands in the front of the chute on the morning at the start with the elite riders, just talking smacking and having some fun. Then, the last rider of the long route to come in with prize-giving already underway!

For a fantastic day of MTBing full of fun and good vibes be sure to join Jacques at the #jbaymtbclassic 2019

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