Course markings

The route is marked with single orange stickers placed on the rider’s left hand side of the course in all instances where practical. Before a turn or intersection there are 2 orange Stickers on the side that riders are going to turn to. Eg. 2 orange stickers on the right mean that the route is turning to the right.

Green stickers are placed after intersections to indicate that you are riding in the wrong direction.

A sign “X” using lime may also be positioned within easy eyesight to mark the wrong direction with an arrow to confirm the correct route.

Danger Arrows: In all potentially dangerous situations, 1 or more arrows are placed upside down 30 meters before the obstacle, and also at the obstacle; Two or more upside down arrows mean a more dangerous situation; Three or more upside down arrows means a most dangerous situation, proceed with caution.

Colours used for course markings

Black – 85km MTB

Red – 50 km MTB

Blue – 25km MTB

Number of water points

85km – 5​

50km – 3​

25km – 2​

Water point hosts

Cancelled due to Covid-19